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Launch or Expand Your Mental Health Clinic

The current health care infrastructure does not support the already, and soon to be approved, FDA novel therapies like Ketamine, MDMA and Psilocybin assisted therapy, as well as growing industries like wellness and longevity. Healing REIT is changing that.

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Prepare Your Clinic for a New Paradigm for Care Delivery

MDMA Therapy will be a large source of new real estate development. Estimating 16k new clinics built for MDMA by 2031

Turnkey Infrastructure

Healing REIT partners with the best medical practitioners in the field. We help our partners acquire properties, get NNN leases in place, and build out infrastructure / peripheral support systems to enable positive change and optimize productivity for growth.

We Know This Space

Healing REIT has insights into the current and future trends in the industry, allowing us to place clinics in high demand areas, while also adding value to our tenants through thought leadership.